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Maintaining proficiency has become more complex since regulations began to be revised in 1973. In many cases, there are no more “one size fits all” rules.

There are BFR’s, ICC’s, all sorts of signoffs, increased insurance training requirements, and additional training required for certain operational authorizations which were not needed way back when. Some of these requirements can be grandfathered, some cannot. Most of them came about as a result of patterns of accidents which were occurring at the time.

At Venture Air, you can receive these types of training and endorsements

Training in your aircraft can be done out of Sussex Airport, or out of the airport at which your aircraft is based.

If you are seeking tailwheel training, endorsements, or rentals, these are available from Rich Bartlett at Sussex Airport.

Roger F. Zaruba

Aviation Training (all levels) and Plane Rentals

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